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Presentation Notes
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Sitemaps for web designers
Organising your ideas
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  • One place for all your ideas
    Outliners are a great way to brainstorm ideas. Jot down. Rearrange. Organize. With a LooseStitch Pro account you can access all your documents from one window.
  • Collaborate with ease
    Inviting friends over is super easy. The built-in Contacts module helps you keep track of who you are working with. Just type in a few letters and LooseStitch will prompt you the entire name and email address.
  • Assign and track tasks
    Use LooseStitch to assign tasks to friends and collaborators. The built-in Notifications tab makes it really easy to track all your tasks and todos. Across all your documents.
  • Attach documents
    Too much text to put into an document row? Or maybe an image or audio/video clip that needs to go with one of the points in your document? Go right ahead and attach it to a row.
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