Reasons to Switch to Google Fax

Modern technological advancements often mean the need for a new form of communication. Although people these days are quite familiar with social media, video calls, and emails, it is quite surprising that many of them still prefer to use facsimile. However, it is not the traditional facsimile where two devices need to be stationed in two different places. Instead, Google fax service is something new and reliable that those dealing with signed documents and files use.

If you think the option is quite outdated, you need to know that the newer version of the fax service offered by Google is quite different from its original version. You will not need to traditionally send and receive files with a space-consuming device being placed in your office. The newer version of the fax service is pretty much similar to sending and receiving emails. So, what are the differences? The information below will answer the question as well as explain the reasons why you should switch to Google fax.

a person using a laptop


Convenience is the first thing that users can expect from the new development. The newer version of the facsimile is here to provide users with features to ensure easy operation and comfort. Instead of buying and stationing facsimile machines in their office, what they need to do is to download the app, make a registration, and communicate with the app. Another good thing about it is that the application is highly compatible. You can download and install it on any device, including smartphones and computers. This way, you do not need to stay in your office all day while waiting for an important file to be sent.


The modern fax application is equipped with sufficient and safe storage. It means that you no longer have to worry about losing files, especially if it is important and confidential documents that your company needs. Whatever you send and receive will be automatically saved in the cloud storage, and you can retrieve the data back whenever you want. If you are not familiar with the term cloud storage, it is an online storage system that is available to save any data and files sent and received.

Safe Communication

Some people are still worried about the new form of facsimile, and data breaches are one example. However, users do not need to worry as the new system is highly secure and encrypted. It prevents the third party from obtaining any information from the network you are using. This way, you can safely transfer confidential data to the recipients.