LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

New to LooseStitch?

Newbie? We know you will have lots of questions. Find answers here.

How much will I end up paying?
You won't have to pay a thing to use LooseStitch. It is absolutely free. We plan to keep it this way for as long as we can, so we want you to get really hooked to using LooseStitch and if this is the only outliner you will use that would give us the kick we need to continue supporting it.

Is there a limit to how many LooseStitch documents I can create?
Create as many documents as you wish, invite as many friends as you want. It will still be free. No down payments, no monthly installments. Zilch.

What browsers do you support?
LooseStitch works great on the most popular browsers out there, Safari 3 and 4, Firefox 3+ (Mac and Windows), Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and Google Chrome (Mac and Windows). We have even developed a version specially for the iPhone. We are really excited about the possibilities. Check it out if you have one. LooseStitch may work with other browsers but we aren't sure. If you find anything that needs our attention, please send your feedback to LooseStitch Support. It will help us improve LooseStitch for everyone.

I have outlines created in other applications. Can I use these with LooseStitch?
Absolutely. LooseStitch uses the industry standard OPML file format to import and export outlines that can be used by programs like OmniOutliner. So if you have created outlines outside of LooseStitch, you can very easily set one up online by importing your existing file, with the assurance that you can always carry your work back to your outliner of choice.

Why do I need an outliner?
Hmmm. That's an interesting question. We had the same question when we first heard about outliners. Once you get a hang of it, you will wonder how you managed without one for so long. LooseStitch was built from our own need to constantly share sitemaps and requirement documents with our clients.

Ok, be honest. What can't I do with LooseStitch?
Hah! Plenty actually. You can't for example save the world, though by not using paper for all your doodling and scribbling of notes and ideas, you do end up saving a lot of trees. Ok. currently, we don't support formatting of rows, we would like to be able to set priorities, flag or unflag rows. We kept all these features out so that we could build something that is really easy and fun to use. If we find a lot of interest in LooseStitch, maybe we will add many other features in the future.

I love LooseStitch. How can I help?
Thanks. We really appreciate the kind words. Honestly, nothing will make us happier than seeing LooseStitch being used. Spread the word, blog about LooseStitch. Tell us how you use it, what you like, what you don't like.

Who is behind LooseStitch?
LooseStitch was conceived and built by Crossroad Solutions, a small web-development team working out of Pondicherry, India. In July 2009, LooseStitch Inc was incorporated in collaboration with Emantras.

I have forgotten the URL to my LooseStitch document. How do I get it back?
Don't worry. We will help you find your document. Click on the following link and enter the email address you use on that document. We will send you a list of all the LooseStitch documents tied to that email address.


When I create a document and invite others to work on it, do they use the same password that I assigned?
Yes. When you invite someone to work on a document, we send them an email with the link to the document and the password assigned to it. When one of the collaborators changes the password, an email with the new password is sent to everyone working on the document.

I no longer need a document I created. How do I delete it?
Login to the document and then go to the Settings page. Click on the button titled "Delete Outline". We will send an email to the creator of the document to confirm the deletion. After she confirms, the document will be deleted.

I have made many changes to the document. How do I notify everyone working on this document about the changes?
At the bottom of the document, you will find a Comments section. Leave a comment explaining the changes you have made and check the box labelled "Email everyone working on this document". An email will be sent to all the collaborators with the message you left.

I have many documents and am finding it hard to manage them. Can I see a list of all my documents on a single page?
Yes you can. This is one of the key features of a LooseStitch Pro account.

I was invited to a LooseStitch document and I am no longer working on it. Can I uninvite myself?
Yes. A LooseStitch Pro user can uninvite themself from a document that they was invited to. In the Documents summary page, if you click to view the detail of a document you have been invited to, there is a button labeled "Count me out".