LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

Pro Features at a Glance

- Your own account
- Manage all your documents
- Duplicate an existing document
- Attach files & images
- Up to 100MB of online storage
- Manage your contacts
- Assign and track tasks
- Discussion Forum (coming soon)

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LooseStitch Pro

Do you find yourself using LooseStitch a lot? Do you have more than a few documents hosted with us? Finding it a bit silly to have to bookmark all your documents or keep referring to your emails to access them? Then LooseStitch Pro is just the thing for you.

For as little as USD 25/yr. you can setup a Pro account with us that will let you manage all your documents from one simple-to-use window. Keep track of not only your own documents, but also ones you have been invited to. Your existing documents will automatically appear under the "Documents" tab the moment your account is created. The best part is people you invite still won't need to have their own account. They can access the document just as easily as you are accessing it now.

Strings Attached

Need to store files along with your documents? That yummy apple crumble you shot, shouldn't that go along with your recipe? Wouldn't it be great if your design comps could hitch a hike along with your site map and notes?

Attach images, PDF files, audio and video clips to your documents, re-use them between projects, delete the files to free up space. Upto 100Mb of storage per user.

We will even resample your images for you to take up less space online, so you can go right ahead and upload your 10Mb mug shots directly from your fancy digital camera. (Ok, kidding. While, we will resize your images on the fly, try and reduce the size of files before you upload.)

And yes, you still get to create as many documents as you need, and invite as many friends as you want. Now, isn't that sweet?

Wait a Minute. Again.

Didn't you say LooseStitch would always be free?
Yes. In fact, it is still absolutely free. You don't need to pay us anything if you only need to create a few documents. If you use LooseStitch a lot, then you must really like it or at least find it useful. So, after some thinking we felt it was fair to put a price on the additional features available to LooseStitch Pro users. At less than $25 a year, that's just a little over $2 a month. At the least it will help cover operating costs and also fund further development, which in turn will help all users.

What happens to my documents if I decide not to pay after the first year?
We are nice people. Instead of simply closing down your account, we will let you keep it and all your documents, as a 'thank you' from us. Only the files you may have uploaded will be deleted from our server and you will not be able to upload any more files.

Do Pro users get a different LooseStitch document editor from regular users?
Absolutely not. Both use exactly the same editor. Any improvements we make to LooseStitch will be immediately available to all LooseStitch users.

Do I need to have a Pro account to work on a document created by a Pro user?
No. You access all documents exactly the same way as you access your own. However, only Pro users can upload attachments.

Ok. So I am a Pro user. Where are my attachments saved?
Files you upload are saved to your storage space on our servers. You can attach them to a particular document or reuse them across documents. You can even attach files to documents you have been invited to. Everyone working on a document can see all attached files, irrespective of who uploaded them.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.