LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

What is this?

A chance for you and your friends to save some money. For under $10 a head, you can get up to 5 users to sign up for LooseStitch Pro.

One of you signs up using your email address. We will send you 5 codes that you can share with five friends. Come back to the Sign up page once you have the codes and you will find a place to copy your code into. You won't be asked to pay again.

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Pay with a credit card or using your PayPal account. A one year subscription to LooseStitch Pro costs USD 24.95. Signing up using Friend Pack you only need to pay USD 49.95 per year for 5 accounts.

We process all membership payments using PayPal, the global standard for online payments. PayPal provides you with the highest level of security and privacy on the Internet.