LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

"I like how easy it is to use the interface. I am suggesting our graduate art school committee at Transart Institute use LooseStitch this year to track tasks for our upcoming exhibition. Thanks for making my life easier." Anne Wallace, Transart Institute

LooseStitch Revision Notes

And what better way to demonstrate the use of LooseStitch than to track version changes in a LooseStitch document!

LooseStitch Revision Notes
Version 3.0 (Jun 2nd, 2010)
New Features
In-place editing of the document.
Assign an amount to child rows in the document and the parent rows compute and show the sum of its child rows.
Add a note to rows in the document.
A row that contains multiple paragraphs can be split into multiple rows by selecting the row and clicking on the 'Split Row' button.
If you have created a document but you are no longer involved with it, you can push it to one of your collaborators. (Requires a LooseStitch Pro account)
Tie more than one email address to your LooseStitch Pro account. If someone invites you to work on a document with the other email address, the document will still show up in the list of LooseStitch documents you have been invited to.
LooseStitch Referrals. Get your friends to signup for a LooseStitch Pro account and get a FREE three month extension to your LooseStitch Pro account membership.
LooseStitch Corporate.
Generate a PDF of your document.
Outlines are now referred to as Documents.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue with using & (ampersand) in the document.
Fixed issue with the edit lock timeout.
The LooseStitch editor now works on Internet Explorer 7.
Version 2.6 (Oct 12th, 2009)
Version 2.5 (Sep 22nd, 2009)
Version 2.0 (Feb 3rd, 2009)
Version 1.5.1 (Mar 22nd, 2008)
Version 1.5 (Mar 20th, 2008)
Version 1.1 (Aug 25th, 2007)
Version 1.0 (Aug 6th, 2007)
Version 0.9 beta (Jun 17th, 2007)