LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

What's New in Version 3.0

In-place Editing, Notes and Budgets
Editing your document in LooseStitch has become even simpler now. You no longer need to select a row and click in the text box on the side. You can edit the text in-place. We have added 2 more attributes for each row: an amount and notes. The amount field is extremely useful when you are budgeting for a project. Enter the amount for the line items and the parent row displays the sum of its child rows.
Corporate Account
LooseStitch can be a very useful project management tool. You can create a separate document for each project and assign tasks to team members. With a corporate account everyone in your company can have a LooseStitch Pro account of their own. What's more you can manage all their logins from one convenient screen, automatically push new account contact information to all existing users. Starting at less than $15 per user, it's a steal.
LooseStitch Referral Program
Here is your chance to keep using your Pro account, free of renewal costs. Refer LooseStitch Pro to friends and colleagues and for each person that signs up we will add 3 months to your account validity period. If anyone you refer signs up for a Corporate account, we will extend your subscription by one full year.
LooseStitch Pro 15-day Demo
Would you like to try LooseStitch Pro before you pay for it? We offer a free 15-day demo LooseStitch Pro account.
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Outlines are now called Documents
LooseStitch started off as an outliner tool but over time, it has grown to become more than just an outliner. You can assign a row as a task to someone or attach a file to the row. With the introduction of an amount field, you can use LooseStitch to plan your project's budgets too. Based on the augmented functionality, we felt that referring to outlines as documents would be better.
Link More Email Addresses to your Account
Signed up for your LooseStitch Pro account with one email address and friends are inviting you to another one? You can now link all your email addresses to your LooseStitch Pro account and invites to any of your email addresses will show up in your list of documents.
For a detailed list of changes please view the Revision Notes.