LooseStitch lets you create and outliner documents. Brainstorm ideas. Call friends over. Get feedback.

What's New in Version 2.0

LooseStitch Pro
Finally the wait is over. LooseStitch Pro is here. It's taken us a long time to build. But we wanted to make sure we got it right the first time. We hope you like what we have done. If not, please let us know how we can improve our service.
Single Password to all your Outlines
We know. If you have had more than a few outlines in LooseStitch, managing them was a nightmare. Now, with just one username and password access all your outlines. Even ones that you have only been invited to.
New Manage Tab
You can now access all your outlines from one convenient window. Files you have uploaded have their own tab, so you can delete or add new files directly from here. Tip: people you invite don't need to be LooseStitch Pro users, so even if they can't upload files, you can. For them.
Duplicate an Outline
While this is part of the new Your Outlines section of the Manage tab, we thought it deserved to be mentioned separately. Yes, you can use one of your existing outlines as a starting point for a new one. You can even duplicate an outline someone else created but to which you have been invited to.
Due dates and attachments
Attach images and documents to individual rows of your outlines. Makes working with others a whole lot funner. Each row can also have a completion date associated with it.

Now, this opens up a lot of possibilities doesn't it? We will have notifications and reminders in the next update so LooseStitch can send out mails to you or others working with you when it comes time.
For a detailed list of changes please view the Revision Notes.